IZB Wolfsburg

October 20, 2016

Adolf Föhl GmbH: IZB Wolfsburg

Substituting zinc for aluminum 

Since we generate the majority of our sales today from companies in the automotive supplier industry, it was time to exhibit at VW’s “in-house exhibition.”

As an international supplier fair, the IZB has been held as an event for automotive suppliers for 15 years, and a large number of our zinc and plastic customers present there.

We were able to exhibit our IZA Award, which we recently received for the shifter of the Porsche Cayenne II, under the auspices of VW. This substitution of zinc for aluminum drew a large amount of interest from our stand visitors.

After we were able to announce further substitutions of zinc for aluminum for customers like VW, Audi, Bentley and PSA, this became the primary topic at our exhibition booth.

In addition to substituting other materials, we were also able to report new information on efficiency improvements. The hot runner used for zinc die casting eliminates the need for the previously required runner, thereby saving a huge amount of energy. In light of consistent increases in the EEG levy, this is an important factor for the future of zinc die casting companies.

The resonance for this concept was outstanding! We are looking forward to the next IZB in 2018.