Föhl Technology Days
Positive Feedback

March 2, 2016

Adolf Föhl GmbH: Technology Days 2016

Zinc die casting, hot runners, Föhlan and hybrid technology…

A total of 65 participants from the automotive, fittings, industrial and white goods sectors took part at this year’s eighth annual Technology Days .

Exciting topics such as zinc die casting, hot runners, Föhlan and hybrid technology, CT-measurement, zero defects, hot chamber casting – salt cores, value creation through appreciation etc. were presented by six in-house and five outside speakers . During tours of our Michelau plant participants were able to get to grips with the world of zinc die casting and plastics injection molding.

According to sales & marketing team leader Mario Heina the feedback from participants was without exception positive:
“As far as the organization, overall impression and plant tours are concerned we achieved top marks.”