Föhl – in new design

January 15, 2016

Adolf Föhl GmbH: Euroguss Trade Fair 2016

We were at Euroguss for the first time and with 90 sq m. After having declared Föhl China a 100% subsidiary in 2014 it was high time for us to demonstrate it too by means of a uniform corporate design .

We presented this corporate design for the first time at the 11th Euroguss in Nuremberg. With the support of 15 colleagues and daily assistants we were able to utilize the impressive exhibition stand really well.

Euroguss was able to report record numbers of exhibitors and trade visitors with 580 (470 in 2014) and 12,032 (11,187 in 2014) respectively.

This was also reflected in the response on our stand which in spite of its record size was often overcrowded.

With nanotechnology and hot runner system for zinc die casting the dominant topics were soon established.