Trainees Fit-4-Föhl
Introductory week


September 17, 2018

Adolf Föhl GmbH:  Training

Our team has grown, by adding 13 young employees who are starting their apprenticeship or studies. A total of nine training positions and courses of study were offered and quickly filled.

For the first time, the apprentices started out their career with an apprentice introductory week. The program helped the apprentices get to know each other. Plant tours as well as seminars on topics like “Working at Föhl”, “The Future of Work”, or “Learning Learning” familiarized the new staff with the company. The introduction was successfully rounded off with a subsequent visit to the climbing park, which promoted team spirit and conscientiousness while strengthening endurance.

We warmly welcome all new apprentices and students and wish you a successful start and an exciting time at Föhl.