Adolf Föhl GmbH: Fachpressetag 05.10.2021

Around 20 external attendees took part in the Press Day at EUROGUSS at our Michelau plant on the topic of “Sustainability.” Ulrich Schwab (Technical Management) opened the event, while Robert Kristo (Head of Sales) presented our products and technologies.

Then, participants were guided through the production area in Michelau on a plant tour. In several areas of the plant, guides demonstrated how Föhl is integrating sustainability within the company, based on the EU’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( At Föhl, these include topics such as digitization/green IT, sustainability in the social area, and saving energy with the latest technologies form Föhl – “Hot runners” and “Föhlan.” At his station, Andreas Eigner (Head of Environment and Energy) described how Föhl is working towards climate neutrality, and reported on a variety of environmental management projects within the company.

Adolf Föhl GmbH: Fachpressetag 05.10.2021

The tour was followed by a Q&A session in the conference room, which generated a considerable amount of interest. The event then continued with a press conference in Schorndorf in the “Zeit.Raum” seminar room, with an ongoing discussion as part of a live stream event.

Visit us at EUROGUSS in Nuremberg from 18 – 20 January 2022, and learn more about the topic of sustainability at Föhl, and about our products and new technologies.