Teambuilding Activities
Föhl China

January 18, 2019

Adolf Föhl GmbH:  Teambuilding China

Exciting and inspiring events and teambuilding activities are held regularly at Föhl China to improve team spirit, motivation, and identification with the company. “Stronger together!” remains the motto once again in 2019.

The annual traditional dragon boat festival was held at Jin Cang Lake on June 6th. The Föhl China Team took part in the race for the third time. Despite nine participants and lot of team spirit, we were unable to reach the final this year. But we broke our record. 1 min. 54 sec. for 400 meters. We are already looking forward to next year’s race!

On 18 January 2019 we held our special Chinese New Year Party. Our CEO Jochen Kirkorowicz opened the party with his annual speech and looked back on 2018.  Many of our employees committed themselves and participated in an excellent show. The party was great!