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Adolf Föhl GmbH: Schulungen

Today, it is no longer enough to receive a one-time training. At Föhl, we know: Regular training is essential to ensure valuable expertise within the company remains up to date. This year we focused on production, by developing a forward-thinking continued training concept for the area. Examples include internal training programs for machine and plant operators, external robotic trainings, and DEKRA courses for electric technology experts. In collaboration with the value stream, engineering, and HR areas, we are also offering more training on hot runner technology – the second module in the internal series started in November.

Training for evacuation and fire protection volunteers
Every three years, we train fire protection and evacuation volunteers and refresh the knowledge of current volunteers as required by law. The training sessions were held in late October, and participants were divided into three groups at the Michelau and Necklinsberg locations. There, participants learned basic legal information and learned about the tasks, rights, and obligations that come along with their positions. They are trained to handle fire extinguishers during the practical section, and practice how to handle evacuations properly and professionally.