Climate Neutrality
since 2020

January 1, 2020

Adolf Föhl GmbH:  environmental management

Föhl proves that even an energy-intensive company like a foundry for zinc die casting and plastic injection molding can be climate-neutral:

Föhl has been concerned with sustainability for decades because this subject has always been dear to the shareholders.

Back in 1996, the company formulated an environmental policy for resource-saving production with intelligent solutions and clear values and was only the 2nd company in the Rems-Murr administrative district to be certified according to the Eco Audit EMAS.

This voluntary certification is associated with reporting of all the material balances of our production sites. Each individual location is validated by an independent environmental expert, who examines the extent to which the environmental goals are fulfilled, and is published annually in an environmental declaration.

The resulting annual environmental aims require us to constantly lower our Co2 emissions and our waste and energy quantities as much as possible, to replace pollutants in the production whenever possible and to constantly increase energy efficiency.

We have always considered these measures to be a corporate obligation and an essential contribution to protecting our environment and the Earth. It is therefore only right that our >>roadmap is consistently updated towards CO2 neutrality.