Föhl China
Economic Magazine

June 7, 2017

Adolf Föhl GmbH: China Economic Magazine

The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up policy. On occasion of this milestone, Dr. Frank Kirkorowicz and Jochen Kirkorowicz were interviewed by Ms. Lili, editor-in-chief of “China Economic Magazine”.

In the time since these reforms were introduced, China’s economy has undergone steady growth and rapidly caught up to its counterparts on the global level. Föhl recognized great potential in establishing a regional site that could successfully perform on China’s market – a decision that has certainly paid off. Föhl has by now become a fixture in Taicang’s economy. Decisive factors that have contributed to this success include Föhl’s years of experience in zinc die casting, continuous growth, and its innovative strength. Additional advantages have been the company’s policy of green thinking and acting as well as making sustainability and resource conservation a core component of its corporate philosophy.

Picture from left to right: Dr. Frank Kirkorowicz, Föhl’s chief executive officer, Jochen Kirkorowicz, CEO of Föhl China, and Ms. Lili, editor-in-chief of “China Economic Magazine”.