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Technical possibilities

An optimal solution for many requirements.

Fast production of large numbers of items from a mold with an extremely long service life which delivers consistent quality even with the millionth shot. No environmental pollution by gases and vapours - neither from smelting nor from processing. Near-net final shape, thin-walled casting and extremely good machinability as well as excellent preconditions for surface finishing. These specific characteristics predestine zinc die casting for more and more new areas of application and numerous innovations.

Zinc die casting is the process of choice particularly where small to moderately heavy components with complicated shapes and high accuracy are to be cast. Does your component make the highest demands on the surface quality - up to high-gloss chrome-plated reflection faces? Are you looking for a suitable manufacturing process for pneumatic or hydraulic applications where the pressure strength is decisive? Our answer to this and other queries: Zinc die casting.



The grounds for using zinc are manifold:

  • Low smelting temperatures // short flow-paths, low energy requirement, short melting times
  • Extremely high strength values // dependent upon wall section; thin-wall technology for high-strength but nonetheless light products
  • High potential resistance to corrosion
  • Components // extremely thin-walled and delicate, minimal tolerances, excellent surface finish and suitability for coating, pleasant feel (haptic)
  • Versatile and economic // long service lives of molds, ready-to-fit casting, can be cold formed, very little reworking
  • Environmentally friendly // non-toxic, non-polluting, 100% recyclable

Thin-wall technology for high-strength, yet at the same time light products.

Excellent surface finish and suitability for coating.

Net-shape casting