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Surface finishes

from Föhl


Form, function and value added.

Form follows function. Which is to say: Before one can enhance something it must be fit for purpose. In zinc die casting this is at first sight no different. Yet here it actually takes it a step further. By coating them components can be perfected as far as their visual effects, feel and even function are concerned. The surfaces thus created meet today's requirements for corrosion protection, durability and decorative design . Especially hard, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, conductive or simply decorative: The surface finishing processes we use are as individual as your requirements.

In this respect the spectrum ranges from galvanic processes such as chromium plating and tinning through chemical processes such as nickel plating and passivating to painting and powder coating as well as the nano coating developed by us. Our know-how makes us your ideal partner for the perfect surface finish.


Two are better than one.

Zinc is already the corrosion protection specialist per se. Because zinc is a material with a natural self-healing surface:

In time damage disappears of its own accord by means of the natural patination which visually corrects the damaged area. The corrosion protection is even more effective when two coats share the job between them.

Passivating, zinc-iron coating, tinning, chromium plating, gold plating, silver plating and nickel plating do a good job here.

We select the respective process based on your requirements. Incidentally, you don't have to do without a fine visual effect here either. Because depending on the process the surfaces have a a light bluish, iridescent in the colors of the rainbow, silver or golden sheen.


Perfect finish for visual effect and feel.

Visual effect, feel and acoustics are key stimuli for us. That which appears shiny and smooth should also feel that way. And metal should sound precisely like metal - and not turn out to be a sham when tapped.

That's why products which retain the promise they held at first sight are gaining more and more in importance. And with them processes for decorative finishing.

Whether gold plating, silver plating, matt and glossy nickel plating or chromium plating, painting and powder coating - this is where we are able to make full use of our experience and expertise. A consistent quality of finishing and the highest level of precision are par for the course as far as we are concerned.