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Service life of tooling

and tolerances


Precision in every detail.

Fits, wobbles and is loose? If it wobbles then it does not fit. Too small is not good - too big is not good either. And exactly for that reason this mantra has no business to be here. Because maximal precision for complicated geometries, highest quality and compliance with tight tolerances are decisive criteria in die casting.

To ensure that our zinc die cast components can be integrated perfectly into your field of application strict standards apply for their production. Materials used, shrinkage of the cast part, construction of the mold, process stability: A lot of parameters are taken into account to ensure that the end result is right and subsequent reworking is not necessary.


High-volume production - no big deal for us.

Realization of sophisticated high-volume production:
For this our machines get running at full speed day and night.

It is precisely the exceptional reproducibility and repetitive accuracy with the tightest tolerances which set the zinc die casting process apart. What always remains constant in the process: the quality of the cast components. We ensure this not least through strict control of the casting mold and the end product.

So that shot for shot for shot really do sit - 50,000, 600,000 0r 1,000,000 times. (It isn't compulsory to end at 1.0 m shots!)