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Plastics injection molding

Quality at Föhl.


Top quality with method

Föhl stands for quality across the board – a philosophy we have been breathing life into in the plastics injection molding sector for almost 60 years now. And this quality is to be found in every one of the 300,000,000 plastic components which we manufacture at our plant in Schorndorf-Haubersbronn.

We may not exceed or fall below one single specified value. Ever. Not for a single order. We ensure this through our quality management system .

And in addition we have committed ourselves to it through certification to TS 16949:2009, a norm which sets uniform standards for quality management systems in the automotive industry throughout the world.


Control down to the last detail.

Comprehensive and consistent, reliable, replicable and traceable. In every phase of the production.

These are the standards which we apply to our quality control. For this purpose we willingly go one step further in order to be doubly sure: An optical 3-D measuring machine provides quality inspection in all phases of manufacturing – from commissioning via optimization and sampling to series production. Series CAQ aided series monitoring, tension, compression and bend testing of materials, roughness and humidity measurement and control of manufacturing tolerances: As far as we are concerned all these work steps are a matter of course. Even the smallest deviations are detected by our experts and carefully adjusted – for more quality and greater reproducibility.


Precision is the most effective tool

Every path starts with the first step. And the way to an optimal product starts with a concept. This should however not remain in the mind or in name only but rather lead to success. This is exactly where we start with our demands for a holistic production system. Our design engineers develop their concepts step by step via planning, choice of materials, design optimization and mold making through to series production. All details such as geometries, gates, gate locations, recesses and undercuts are jointly resolved. In doing so, nothing is left to chance. Our machinery isn't either: Efficient injection moulding machines ensure that identical plastic components are manufactured perfectly time after time. You see: Quality from A to Z – because that is the only way we are able to meet your and our high standards.