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Value Creation

through appreciation.

The Föhl mission statement

A pivotal factor for achieving top-class performance, profitable growth and success is embedded in our mission statement "Value creation through appreciation".

We have set the course and are looking to explore new avenues together. At a time of great change and uncertainty our mission statement is there to provide support and act as a compass to chart the course for our actions.

Thus our mission statement is the compass for our company strategy and objectives.

It is to provide guidance for us all and generate the enthusiasm for creating a culture together in which one enjoys working, is comfortable and in which the commitment to and enjoyment of performing can develop.

Our values

in brief

Our mission statement

Value creation through appreciation

Adding value

for senior staff and employees

Valuing others

for senior staff and employees

Strategy and objectives

Increasing customer satisfaction


for all employees

Strategic perspectives

focused upon our customers


for employees and senior staff

As far as we are concerned all things revolve around the individual. For that reason there has been a department for company social management in our company since 2008. We want to promote the motivation, health and well-being of our employees. When the employees are thriving the work also thrives - production improves and costs (such as those for absenteeism, sick leave and accidents at work) are reduced. Employment is based on our mission statement „Value creation through appreciation“.

As well as counselling for senior staff and individual employees our company social management includes preventative measures.

Specific duties of company social management:

  • Coaching of senior staff
  • Supporting employees in difficult circumstances (sickness within families, financial difficulties, domestic problems)
  • Counselling in cases of addictive disorders and relaying
  • Supervision of the team
  • Integration work
  • Mediation
  • Selection process of trainees.
  • Conflict management strategies


Dagmar Zanek-Dycke
Certified social worker (UAS), systemic health care professional, coach, supervisor
Tel. +49 (0) 71 83 / 3 06-458