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Imprint according to §5 German Telemedia Act (TMA)

1. Name and Address

Adolf Föhl GmbH + Co KG
(in the following also known as FöHL )
Schönblick 17
73635 Rudersberg
Telephone number
+49 (0)7183 / 306- 0
Fax number
+49 (0)7183- 306 / 113

Executive Board

Dr. Frank Kirkorowicz
Boris Langer
Ulrich Schwab


Registration office:
Commercial Register of District Court Stuttgart HRA 280 430
Sales tax identification number
to §27a UStG:
DE 146620536
Tax No.
8 200 204 900

General partner

Adolf Föhl Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungs-GmbH,
Commercial Register of District Court Stuttgart HRB 722 114

2. Copyright

Copyright Adolf Föhl GmbH + Co KG. All rights reserved. All contents, wording, images, graphics, sound, video and animation data files as well as their arrangement are subject to copyright and other laws for the protection of intellectual property. They may not be copied for commercial purposes or for distribution or changed or utilized on other websites. Some FöHL websites also contain images which are subject to the copyright of those who have made them available.

3. Warranty

FöHL makes the information available without an undertaking or warranty of any kind, be it explicit or implied. Also excluded are all implied warranties with respect to the merchantability, suitability for certain purposes or the non-repudiation of laws and patents. Even if we assume that the information supplied by us is accurate it can still contain errors or inaccuracies.
Statements directed to the future, Internet pages, company reports and interim reports, forecasts, presentations, audio and video transmissions of events (live or recorded) and all other documents included in this website including amongst others forward-looking statements concerning future developments based on current appraisals of the management.
Words such as „anticipate“, „assume“, „believe“, „estimate“, „expect“, „intend“, „can/could“, „plan“, „project“, „should“ and similar such forward-looking statements. Such statements are subject to an element of risk and uncertainty. A number of examples of this are an economic downturn in Europe or North America, changes in exchange rates, interest rates and commodity prices, the import of products by competitors, interruptions of supply of production materials attributable to material shortages, strikes of the workforce or supplier insolvency.

Should any one of these elements of uncertainty or other incalculability occur or the assumptions upon which the statement was made prove to be incorrect the actual results could deviate significantly from those expressed, indicated or implied in the statement. We have neither the intention nor any liability to continually update forward-looking statements since these are based solely on conditions pertaining on the day of their publication.

4. Trademarks

Insofar as is not stated otherwise all trade marks on Föhl websites are protected by trademark law. This applies in particular to FöHL brands, labels, company logos and emblems. The trademarks and design elements used on our web pages are the intellectual property of Adolf Föhl GmbH + Co KG. Warranty Note This website was compiled with the utmost care. Nevertheless Adolf Föhl GmbH + Co KG cannot guarantee the exactitude and correctness of the information contained therein. Adolf Föhl GmbH + Co KG excludes all liability for damage incurred whether directly or indirectly from the use of this website insofar as this is not caused intentionally by or through the gross negligence of FöHL.

License Note

The intellectual property contained in the FöHL website such as patents, brands and copyrights is protected. No license for the use of the intellectual property of FöHL or third parties is granted through the use of this website.

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