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Föhl Design Support.

With us to success.

Our specialists from the engineering department are in at the beginning. They provide the experience and know-how which has accumulated from six decades. Custom solutions, the enormous capability of our production and expertise whether it be plastics or zinc. Or whether at the end of the day a combi product is the best answer to the customer's specific problem. That is our objective. At the end of the day the right product for each individual requirement has been designed.

Analysis not experimentation

Rather than pass through numerous cost intensive development loops consisting of design, production and testing which would constitute a trial and error method, optimization of components is made in advance by computer simulation so that development times and costs are significantly reduced.

At the same time the quality of the formed component is improved and process reliability assured for the series production.

Our attributes:

  • Specialized know-how
  • Joint requirements analysis
  • Design expertise
  • Controlled processes
  • Cost minimization