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Family Day

Föhl China

We get the tickets and buses ready, Foehl invite all the employees and their families to

enjoy the travel in Disneyland with your family

6 o'clock in the morning, on 14th. Oct, all Foehl China's employees gradually arrived at the company. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy and rainy, but it didn't affect our exciting families. "We hope it will stop raining in Shanghai and everyone could enjoy themselves." Mrs. Grace Hu, administrative supervisor of Foehl China told us.

Before we depart to Shanghai, all participants got together to make a picture in front of Foehl's logo. 7 o'clock, 8 buses left the company one by one. Mrs. Hu said, "It was really a lot of work to organize such an activity, we have to check the ID information of everyone for booking tickets and then rent buses. To think about all details may happen during the whole day. But now as we see the joyful smile of everyone, everything is worth." Disney, we are coming!

After two hour's drive, we arrived at Disneyland's parking place. After 10 minutes walking, we met with Foehl China's CEO - Mr. Jochen Kirkorowicz in front of Disneyland's gate. "Da jia hao!" Mr. Kirkorowicz was greeting with the employees in Chinese. "Our company like a family, we treat our workers like our family members. To spend some money with our family members to enjoy a trip together, it is important and worth, right?" Mr. Kirkorowicz told to our journalist.

After going into the Disney park, everyone went for the activity they interest in. Yiling Feng is the child of Foehl China's finance accountant told us, Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train were her favorite, it was really funny!

How time flies! The sky was getting dark, the Disneyland in the night looks much more fantasy. Around 7:10 pm all members got together on the bus. We finished the wonderful Disney trip. "We are really grateful that our company give us such a change to enjoy the funny day with our child." a lot of employees said. "Our company pay special attention to build our corporate culture, this activity cost us a lot, but we think it's worth and in the future we will keep on going. " according to Mr. Kirkorowicz.