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Environmental protection and the continuous improvement of energy efficiency are firm constituents of our company philosophy. They have become elementary factors of human existence. It is vital to keep our natural environment free from pollution.

Through regular testing, performance evaluation and audits we are able to meet current principal environmental and energy standards.

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In order to fix environmental protection and energy saving thinking firmly in the minds of our employees, Föhl has given itself maxims to follow which are compulsory for each and every employee and apply to all activities in the company.


Employees as well as senior staff at Föhl voluntary undertake ...

  • To return materials into the material cycles(recycling) and to save resources (energy, raw materials and water) as far as it is economically feasible to do so.
  • To inform trade partners about our environmental and energy policy.
  • To review our production processes, plant and working practices with respect to potential hazards and thus ensure that environmental pollution is prevented as far as possible.
  • Always to comply with all applicable environmental and energy regulations and laws .
  • To evaluate, check and reduce noise pollution within and outside the site.
  • To facilitate a continuous improvement of corporate environmental protection as far as this is economically feasible.
  • To reduce negative environmental effects and energy wastage to that extent which is economically feasible through use of the best technology available.


  • To support our customers product planning in all matters to do with environmental and energy-relevant questions.
  • To include environmental and energy-relevant criteria when selecting subcontractors and suppliers .
  • To continually utilize external sources of information when dealing with ecological issues.
  • To cyclic inspection, appraisal and reduction of the effects of our working practices in the various environmental and energy sectors.
  • To prevent and limit environmentally damaging accidents.
  • To assess and monitor the effect of current working practices on the local environment and examine those in which it is ascertained that we do not comply with the environmental and energy policy.
  • To keep the public continuously informed.



Health Management

Originating from the Föhl maxim „Adding value by valuing others“ the „Establishment of integrated workplace health management is an integral part of it. Main objective is a healthy company which is distinguished by healthy and safe work and a healthy environment . We are working continuously to introduce measures to maintain and improve our workplace health management.

Our workplace health management system includes three sectors in total:

1. Occupational safety

2. Workplace integration management

3. Workplace health promotion

Ethical grounds

All employers have a certain ethical obligation and responsibility to their employees. The health of every individual is a valuable commodity. A lot of accidents or damage to health lead to irreversible losses. Even insurance benefits cannot alter this fact.


Company atmosphere, product quality

The working atmosphere in a safe and healthy company is better, the well-being and consequently the performance of the employees is greater. Without tiresome disruptions the product and service quality can be consistently maintained.


Economic grounds

Today's competitive pressure forces the optimization of costs.
Accident costs saved are money saved and provide market advantages. Healthy employees provide a better performance and cost less.