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Delivery times

Perfection takes time.

„Rome wasn't built in a day“ as the saying goes. And it is - as always - true. We place the highest demands on our products and do our utmost to achieve our perception of perfection. The size, construction and complexity of the injection molds have a significant influence of course.

From our wide variety of customers we are aware that each market has follows its own rules and that we must take a adopt a flexible approach to each customer. One customer has a strong seasonal market for its products; the next has a large evenly-distributed demand but with a lot of variances which can only be determined at short notice. Regardless of the nature of your market, talk with us in order to reach the best possible delivery performance for both sides.



In time for the 40th anniversary of business relations with Stabilus Föhl received the Stabilus Supplier Award for best supplier at the „Supplier Day 2015.“


Over the past 40 years Föhl has supplied billions of zinc and plastic components to Stabilus – one of our biggest customers. In 2015 alone an estimated more than 13 million zinc and more than 200 million plastic components will be on delivery notes around the world. At the „Supplier Day 2015“ and in time for the 40th anniversary of business relations with Stabilus on 23 April, Föhl received the Stabilus Supplier Award for best supplier.

Stabilus is world market leader for gas springs and hydraulic dampers. The company has been quoted on the SDAX since 2014. In the meantime the share value has risen by 50 percent. „No gas spring holds without the ball socket from Föhl“, says Dietmar Siemssen, CEO of Stabilus in his opening address thus emphasizing the contribution made by Föhl to this extremely successful flotation.

Ekkehard Kadenbach presented Dr. Frank Kirkorowicz the „Stabilus Supplier Award“, who received this stylish award similar to a work of art with pride and gratitude. Dr. Frank Kirkorowicz symbolically presented the award to the management and the myriad employees who ensure from day to day that Stabilus only receives top products in zinc and plastic.