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2017 Annual Gathering

Föhl China

The Year of Monkey is about to leave while the Year of Rooster is coming soon.

With the theme of Value Creation through Appreciation, FÖHL annual gathering of 2017 was held at Garden Hotel on 20th, Jan. 2017.

First of all, Mr. Jochen Kirkorowicz, our CEO, led us to go over the gains and losses in 2016 and shared the outlook of 2017 as well. Meanwhile, Mr. Dr. Frank Kirkorowicz, the president of Föhl Group, also sent us video greetings for spring festival from Germany. More surprisingly, colleagues at Föhl Germany presented a humorous and creative greeting video to us, which drew intense laughter all around the great hall. In this joyful atmosphere, the host welcomed the best employees of 2016 to the stage and the top management rewarded them along with 5-year and 10-year employees.